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The Vietnam-Era Prisoner of War/Missing in Action Database currently contains 1,643 names of Americans unaccounted for in Southeast Asia.

Listed below are 44 names where North Carolina is listed as the Home of Record.
Since 2007 when this site was published, three names from the below list have been recovered and are so indicated.

Click on the names for detailed information.

Name/Rank/Military Service/Country of Causality/Status/Date of Incident/Home of Record:

Avery, Robert Douglas, O2, USMC, N. Vietnam, XX, 1968/05/03, Morganton, NC

Belknap, Harry John, O1, USN, N. Vietnam, BB 1966/06/23, Jonas Ridge, NC

Borden, Murray Lyman, O2, USAF, N. Vietnam, XX, 1966/10/13, Goldsboro, NC

Brice, Eric Parker, O3, USN, N. Vietnam, BB, 1968/06/04, Rocky Mount, NC

Brown, Edward Dean, Jr., O2, USN, S. Vietnam, BB, 1965/07/29, Charlotte, NC

Brown, Wilbur Ronald, O3, USAF S. Vietnam, XX, 1966/02/03, Wilmington, NC

Canup, Franklin Harlee, Jr. E5, USN, S. Vietnam, BB, 1967/01/14, Concord, NC

Clarke, Fred Lee, E6, USAF, Laos, XX, 1968/12/13, Troutman, NC

Cook, Glenn Richard, O2, USAF, S. Vietnam, XX, 1969/10/21, Charlotte, NC

Craven, Andrew Johnson, E3, USA, S. Vietnam, XX, 1968/05/12, Wilmington, NC

Crews, John Hunter III, O2, USAF, N. Vietnam, XX, 1968/05/22, Ashville, NC

Cristman, Frederick Lewis, W1, USA, Laos, XX, 1971/03/19, Salisbury, NC

Curlee, Robert Lee, Jr., E6, USA, S. Vietnam, BB, 1965/06/10, Monroe, NC

Davis, Edgar Felton, O3, USAF, Laos, XX, 1968/09/17, Goldsboro, NC

Gatwood, Robin F., Jr., O2, USAF, S. Vietnam, XX, 1972/04/02, Hickory, NC

Gore, Paul Edwin, E6, USN, N. Vietnam, BB, 1969/10/02, Faison, NC

Gravitte, Connie Mack, O3, USAF, S. Vietnam, BB, 1966/06/17, Ca-Vel, NC

Hall, Fredrick M., O2, USAF, S. Vietnam, XX, 1969/04/12, Waynesville, NC

Hargrove, Joseph N. E3, USMC Cambodia, XX, 1975/05/15, Mount Olive, NC

Harris, Harold Lee, E3, USA, S. Vietnam, BB, 1966/10/22, Durham, NC

Howard, Luther Harris, E4, USA, S. Vietnam, BB, 1967/06/30, Hamlet, NC

Howell, Carter A., O2, USAF, Laos, XX, 1972/03/07, Fayetteville, NC

Huie, Litchfield Patterson, O3, USN, N. Vietnam, BB, 1967/02/27, Warsaw, NC

Jamerson, Larry C., E4, USA, S. Vietnam, XX, 1968/04/21, Rosman, NC

Johnson, William D., E3, USA, S. Vietnam, XX, 1968/01/19, Rocky Mount, NC

Lewis, Charlie Gray, E7, USA, S. Vietnam , BB, 1967/05/17, Fayetteville, NC

Lewis, Larry Gene, O2, USN, N. Vietnam, BB, 1971/02/27, Asheville, NC

Luttrell, James M., E6, USA, S. Vietnam, XX, 1971/05/10, Fayetteville, NC

McDaniel, John Lewis, O4, USAF, S. Vietnam, BB, 1968/04/26, Gibsonville, NC

Moore, Jerry L., E3, USA, S. Vietnam, XX, 1969/02/16, Cleveland, NC

Morgan, Edwin E., E5, USAF, S. Vietnam, XX, 1966/03/13, Salisbury, NC

Morrow, Larry K., E4, USA, S. Vietnam, XX ,1972/05/29, Lowell, NC

Omelia, Dennis William, W1, USA, S. Vietnam, XX, 1971/01/03, Smithfield, NC

Palmgren, Edwin D., O5, USAF, N. Vietnam, XX, 1968/04/22, Winston-Salem, NC

Price, Bunyan Durant, E4, USA, Cambodia, XX ,1970/05/02, Belmont, NC

Reno, Ralph Joseph, E8, USA, S. Vietnam, BB, 1966/07/03, Fayetteville, NC

Shue, Donald Monroe, E4, USA, Laos, XX, 1969/11/03, Kannapolis, NC

Staton, Robert Milton, Jr., E4, USA, S. Vietnam, BB, 1967/11/11, Jamesville, NC

Sutton, William Carl, E7, USAF, N. Vietnam, BB, 1970/01/28, Goldsboro, NC

Watson, Jimmy L., W2, USA, S. Vietnam, XX, 1968/03/13, Lucama, NC

Weaks, Melvin Lee, E3, USA, S. Vietnam , BB, 1971/08/18, Concord, NC

Wellons, Phillip Rogerson, O4, USAF, S. Vietnam, BB, 1970/08/17, Raleigh, NC

Wilson, Wayne V., E3, USMC, S. Vietnam, XX, 1967/07/02, Thomasville, NC

Wood, Walter Sutton, O4, USN, N. Vietnam, BB, 1966/05/02, Fort Bragg, NC

Status Code:
BB = Killed in Action, Body Not Recovered
XX = Presumptive Finding of Death
Note: Remains of Brown, Wilbur - Reno, Ralph - Shue, Donald have been identified.

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There are some 83,000 troops still listed as Missing in Action, largely from World War II. Korea and Vietnam. There is no listing by state from WWII. More information is available at the Department of Defense, DPMO website.

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